Developer Documentation

Armanet is modern advertising for the 2A industry to drive immediate, measurable, consumer demand. In this portal, you will find technical documentation to help integrate your business with our ad tech solutions.

Cutting-edge ad tech

Armanet sets itself apart by being meticulously designed for efficiency, speed, and privacy, specifically catering to the modern 2A industry. Our platform leverages advanced targeting algorithms and real-time bidding strategies to maximize your advertising spend, ensuring that your ads reach the right audience with minimal waste.

Our publishers consistently score higher in Lighthouse tests, demonstrating our commitment to fast, reliable, and privacy-conscious ad delivery. By choosing Armanet, you benefit from a platform that delivers high-performing ad campaigns while maintaining the trust and confidence of your audience.



Learn how to integrate our SDK for seamless and fast ad integration on your website.

Ad Events

Learn how to manage ad events with the Armanet SDK and the advertising lifecycle.



Learn how to track conversions and create custom audiences with Armanet SDK.

Shopping Ads

Learn how to create Shopping Ads from your catalog with Armanet. Discover the benefits and feed setup.


Wordpress / WooCommerce

Learn how to install the Armanet plugin to your Wordpress and WooCommerce website, allowing you to quickly display ads, track conversions and more.

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